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[Ai] work #2

2009-04-11 01:32:43 by Eunosphere

Tejak is prince of the Meiyah tribe... Although he's known to cause trouble by frequently setting traps and bombing the homes of local villagers, despite this, he can be quite dependable once allied with. Also, he makes avid use of his Solret Magic to aid his village in wars against invading countries as powerful as the U.S. and Russia...

Those nations forever exist in fear of the Meiyah villiage because of Tejaks inhumane methods of obtaining victory. The Meiyahi military consists of only Tejak and 800 foot soldiers as his weapons of choice. Tejak usually takes the village "muppets" and gives gardening lessons to keep up with palace maintenance. He hates cleaning, and makes potions...

[Ai] work #2


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2009-04-12 11:48:28

simonbirch is... scary.
good picture :P

Eunosphere responds:

If you think he's scary now, you'll be terrified when you see the dungeon trolls page comments! That blokes an authentic piece of NG garbage. Although I'll admit I laughed my arse off reading what people thought about his entry on obesity.

Thanks for the [relevant] complement mate!