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I just realized that when he says "can you believe it" he's actually using "Kenya believe it" hahaha~ what a silly observation. LOL



Look at what the lord of dimethlytriptomine DMT has created. I'm literally addicted to the song to the point where if I turn it off, I'll begin to twitch sporadically. Weird.


The Intro

This is amazing, I love the intro where everyone cheers. LOL

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Unusually Addicting

This game is simple, and it's fun to try and get a better score than those other muppets around the world. The music is strangely fitting.

I like it!



This was slower than expected but I quickly looked over such a small problem. I think the music chosen for the menu screen is horrible. I recommend something from Sonic CD [game]. Also, you could have picked a better menu image than that 32-bit one... I can help you with finding/making more suitable media for the game. The graphics are high in quality with a few strange exceptions.

It seems you need help finding media for the game, otherwise there's not much I can say other than to switch the backgrounds up a bit more than just changing it's colours... And cleaning up sonics sprites (I can see dots following him)

:Across The Board:
An enjoyable game for patient Sonic fans.


Warning: LOL

I wasn't expecting to get such a laugh from this. All comedy in this flash was the result of that freakishly smooth animation. The fact that it had a red hand with a gun, wtf-lol.... Other than this though, I'll admit there isn't much more to the flash. It's just one of those things.

Still, funny.


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Blammin' Good

I found this to be much easier on the ears than many other tracks in recent days. I agree entirely with "YellowPudding" down below in that this would make a great credits song. It's an interesting and entertaining sound that's not generic! [the enemy of trance]

Amazing work!



I accidently gave you a 4/5 rating, so I'm making it up to you here. I really like this music, it definitely gives the listener a sense of adventure. The sound is rather diverse as I could use it as theme music, or a mild battle tune.

Fantastic stuff.


FairSquare responds:

Thanks for the review.
And remember to vote 5 next time im in the top 5 XD


Interesting tune that could be used in a flash for a fight scene, really not my favourite though. Sorry.

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A Chuckle...

I'm not sure what program you used, but this gave me a chuckle or two... By the way, what does it mean when your art hasn't been "scouted" yet? I've posted three works of art and none of them can be rated... Grr

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