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Midori -Newgrounds Edit imprisoned!

2009-04-16 02:32:52 by Eunosphere

Why am I angry when I've just posted a new WP sample you ask?

The reason is because the brushes I used to get the texture in my [Ai] file are so large that I can't export the file into a high-res wallpaper. So, although I put so much extra time into this, nobody (including myself) will have a high-res version of this if I can't crop out the extra stuff on my projects clipboard... The version below is product of an LCD snapshot of the file as it sits helplessly within Adobe Illustrator CS3!

Midori -Newgrounds Edit imprisoned!


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2009-04-26 12:47:28

wow this is really cool if this anything to go by this story collab is going to be amazing anyway i'm going to be working on the music for the story that x33 wrote and i was wondering what sort of art style you were going to use so that my music complements it as well as it can.

Eunosphere responds:

I'm thinking of a style similar to what's found in Dofus, and Wakfu... but I haven't started anything yet since I'm in the process of moving. Thanks for the compliment on my WP.


2011-03-24 21:59:21

wanna be friends

Eunosphere responds:

SURE! Fellow Sonic fans unite!


2011-06-16 07:36:13

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